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REGI PALM is an Integrated solution for FFB [Fresh Fruit Bunch]Collection and FFB Transfer to Mill & FFB Received at Mill, for the specific needs of Palm Oil Management.

Which gives control over the process and provides various levels of information to management for decision making.

  • REGI PALM is also Fully Integrated Solution for the SAP Business One.
  • REGI PALM will work in any Android Mobile.
  • REGI PALM will integrated to any other Application of RDBMS.
  • FFB COLLECTION: FFB Collected from Different Farmers in a Collection Center by using mobile device, this will be Update in to the Server based on the Internet Connection. Acknowledgement for Farmer (FFB Collection) will be in the farm of Print (by using Bluetooth Printer's) and SMS will also sent to their Registered Mobile No.
  • FFB TRANSFER: FFB Collection will be transfer to the Mill by Vehicle; Total Collected FFB will be loaded into the Vehicle and send to the Mill. Transaction will be posted in the Server; Print will also come for reference.
  • FFB LOSS / GAIN: Vehicle will reached to the Mill then Mill User will enter the actual Received FFB Weight at Mill, FFB Dispatched and FFB Received at Mill will be vary (+ / -), based on that calculation system will post the Goods Receipt (+) / Goods Issue (-) Transactions.
    i. Daily Collections: Farmer wise Collected & Rejected Quantities.
    ii. CC Wise Loss/Gain: FFB Dispatched and FFB Received at Mill.
    iii. Transfer Report: FFB Collected and FFB Transfer to the Mill.
    iv. Grading Report: Total Sum of Quantity of Collected and Rejected.

Parameters for the above all Reports will be Date & Collection Center.

REGI WINGS Solutions Specially Design for Poultry Industry

REGI WINGS facilitates forecasting and planning for broiler, breeders, hatchery and Integration.

REGI WINGS gives instant visibility across all farms for improved decision making. Giving growers a better view of their 'produce' enables them to benchmark not only against standards but also other growers.

REGI WINGS offers forecasting and planning for day olds and egg flow forecasting based on seasonal variations, today's results, age of bird, mortality rates and breed in Hatchery process. Greater visibility of crop activity combined with enhanced predictability helps the factory production planner reduce "give away" and potential factory shortages.

REGI WINGS helps with animal welfare and quality of husbandry via tighter control of stocking density, mortalities, vaccinations, medicine and water usage.

REGI WINGS provides instant feed scheduling allowing for short and long term planning, reducing lorry loads and optimizing the feed mill schedule.


  • Connect everyone from farm to factory with one easy to use solution.
  • Automate and improve processes in the core areas of Farm, Hatchery, Factory, Medical, Feed, Accountancy and Compliance with an integrated solution.
  • Measure results against targets and industry standards. Benchmark crops against each other. One click reporting with real time exceptions.
  • Manage centrally with control and visibility of each connected point. Streamlines workflow and scheduling of tasks across the organization.

REGI Order

REGI Order is fast, easy online order entry for wholesale distributors. Give your customers and yourself the convenience of a web-based order entry solution.

To automate the Sales process, REGI Order Mobile based application in Android platform integrated with the Hosted Web Application. This enables the Sales representatives to collect Sales orders easily and quickly.

The hosted web application is available to all authorized users to view the reports. This application also consists of a location tracker which tracks the location of the sales representative on an hourly basis according to his movement from place to place and also the location from where he is placing the order. The authorized users of the web application can view the Google map of the location from where the order is placed.


  • Mobile application collects Sales order data by allowing the sales representative to Cash/ Cheque Collection.
  • Administrator can maintain User, Distributor, Location, Shop, Item, SKU, Offers, Sales Person Route information, etc.
  • Reports on different dimensions

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